Where Are the Fact-Checkers?

One year after the Abu Ghraib scandal first broke, the Wall Street Journal has come out with a disturbing op-ed on the subject. Reading through it, I was struck by how much information was incorrect. My personal favorite is, “No evidence has been produced to support allegations that the abuses were ‘systematic’ or that they were inspired or condoned by superiors up the chain of command.” Umm, what rock has the Wall Street Journal been under? Rather than rant on and provide a counterpoint to their every point, I’ll take a tip from the Journal’s article: “Unpacking so many falsehoods takes more space than we have.” Indeed. So, I refer you to the Human Rights Watch report released today, since they’re not as concerned with how much space it takes them to unpack falsehoods. And, if you’re so inclined, send a copy of Mark Danner’s Torture and the Truth to the Wall Street Journal; they could use the background information, apparently.