Flag Burning

Never let it be said that Congress does nothing useful. Why, it looks like the Senate is within a vote or two of passing a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning. That ought to put an end to the rampant and widespread flag desecration going on in this country:

Scenes of foreigners burning American flags may be common on TV, but such desecration is rare in this country. The Citizens Flag Alliance, an advocacy group that supports a constitutional amendment, reports a decline in flag desecration incidents, with only one this year.

But it’s one too many, no doubt! Here’s a question though. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) says we need to put an end to flag-burning because it’s “offensive conduct.” Right you are, Mr. Hatch. As is, by the way, flying the Confederate flag. So how many Senators want to take up a ban on the ol’ “Southern Cross,” do you think? Oh, right. Thought so.