Matthew Scully, a former special assistant to President Bush, defends Harriet Miers in the Times today. Not much of note—Miers was responsible for picking out the “bogus statistics” in Bush’s speech, which tells you all you need to know about her, uh, “high attention to detail”—but that aside, his jab at David Frum was pretty good:

My friend David Frum [of the National Review] expresses the general complaint when he asks, in his blog, when did Harriet Miers “ever take a risk on behalf of conservative principle? Can you see any indication of intellectual excellence? Did she ever do anything brave, anything that took backbone?” To translate: When all the big-thinkers were persevering year after year at policy institutes and conferences at the Mayflower Hotel, or risking all for principle in stirring op-ed essays and $20,000 lectures, where was Little Miss Southern Methodist University?

Rowr! I don’t think this conservative “civil war” over Miers’ nomination is ever going to amount to anything significant, but it’s sure fun to watch…