DNC Outsources Work to Union-Busting Company

There are a few things I expect of the Democratic Party and groups that it hires, employs, works with, etc. 1) Provide great healthcare to all employees and 2) Respect your workers by honoring their right to strike, organize, and collectively bargain.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Nathan Newman directed me towards a rather disturbing story: a Denver-based company called Telefund has been allegedly engaging in Union Busting. What makes this so upsetting is that many progressive organizations outsource their fundraising efforts to Telefund, including, among others, The Democratic National Committee, Amnesty International, the Sierra Club, and Mother Jones.

Now, there is no indication that any of these organizations are aware of the union busting activity as it has only just come to light. But now that the story has surfaced, an investigation is needed.

Nathan is right, the DNC (and these other progressive organizations) should not associate itself with any institution that so egregiously violates its workers’ rights. I can only hope that they act swiftly to resolve the matter.

[Story originally found at YAL]