Evangelicals Against Global Warming

Yesterday the Pew Center for Global Climate Change released a report outlining a comprehensive set of recommendations to address climate change. Interestingly, 85 evangelical Christian leaders have come forward in support of the Pew proposal, taping a television campaign proclaiming, “With God’s help, we can stop global warming for our kids, our world and our Lord.”

The spot calls for Congress to prioritize legislation that would require both transportation industries and power plants to cut their greenhouse emissions. Hoping to gain visibility nationwide, the evangelical leaders are hosting televised sermons on the issue over more than 1,400 radio stations. Although some of President Bush’s notable evangelical backers—such as James Dobson—are absent from the push, it’s still a welcome move to bridge what had often been seen as a purely partisan issue.

So with several conservative Christian leaders on board, what are the actual recommendations to address climate change? The Pew report is here, and notes that there won’t be one single technological fix to slow the increase in greenhouse gases—any effort will require a combination of: new science and technology; market-based programs; a reduction in sectoral emissions; a change in energy production and use; and international engagement. Among other things, the report recommends that the United States “Engage in negotiations to strengthen the international climate effort.” The fifteen components of Pew’s proposal are all capable of being implemented immediately.