Reactions to Massachusetts gay bar attacks

Jacob Robita, the Massachusetts gay bar attacker, is dead following a shootout with police in Arkansas. Robita attacked two bar patrons with a hatchet, and shot another. He then went on the run and killed a woman he picked up on the road, after which he kiled a police officer.

Robito had once attended a police academy for troubled adolescents, and had neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, and racist materials in his room. After Robito launched his attacks at Puzzles Lounge in New Bedford, the Web was abuzz with responses. Here are samples from some message boards, one of which is a popular Republican board with a daily prayer thread:

You can’t help wondering whether these lunatics are put up to this by the left simply to create “victims” and provoke public outrage over “hate crimes” and thereby advance the left’s various agenda of “reparations”, “affirmative action”, “gay marrage”, “diversity leadership” and anything else that they can think of to drive wealth transfer and the amoral secularization of society.

“which ones are considered *Love Crimes*?”
The ones that happen at highway rest stops.

Reportedly, the teenager was asked: “Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”

A teenager armed with a hatchet and handgun opened fire inside a gay bar early Thursday, wounding at least three people
Lover’s spat.

Ever see a queer hit on the wrong guy?
The “fag” deserves it.

What caused the rampage?
Did he watch Bareback Mountain?

Way to go Jacob!
It’s people like you and Rudolph that that make America great!! Keep the liberal trash in their place or better yet, DEAD.
They will drop the case.


swallow that, libfags!