Its a great week for female anchors!

As many of you already know, the blogosphere erupted yesterday as the now infamous CNN “mic snafu” clip made its merry way across the internet. If you were living under a rock you missed the lovely Kyra Phillips–better know as that blonde anchorwoman from CNN–forget to turn off her mic on a trip to the ladies room and proceed to insult several members of her family, not to mention President Bush’s glorious Katrina-anniversary press conference on live TV. Truly amazing televison…er…I mean news.

But if that wasn’t enough, CBS had to get in on the action by grossly photoshopping their new claim to fame, Katie Couric, for a piece in the September issue of CBS’ own “Watch” Magazine. Originally flagged by a reader of TVNewser the first photo was “the official first-pic-of-Katie released by CBS at this year’s upfront.” Fast forward a few months later and lo and behold you have Katie in the same photo, same outfit, same smile, just 20 lbs. lighter. Way to go CBS! You’ve managed to insult women world-wide and piss off your prize anchorwoman before her show debuts on September 5th.