The Latest: War in the Middle East

Haaretz provides a blow by blow description of Tuesday night’s (around 10:20 local time) Israeli commando attacks on this ancient city: Rapid air attacks, bombing, then landing and entering hospital, killing some guerrillas and capturing others, civilian deaths.

Also from Haaretz: “Witnesses in Baalbek said they saw dozens of IAF helicopters hovering over the city. They said the hospital in Baalbek, filled with patients and wounded people, was bombed by IAF helicopters late Tuesday. Plumes of burning smoke billowed from the hospital after it was directly hit, they said.”

Attacks came before Israeli pause in fighting had ended. It is the first time since 1994 that Israel has gone this far into Lebanon. Haaretz says the hospital was financed by Iranian charities. Wednesday Hezbollah fired a rocket some 70 kilometers into Israel, the deepest strike to date. The BBC says there were no casualties.