The Knee-Slapping Hilarity of Republican Satire

Those fun-loving pranksters over at the RNC have cooked up a satirical newspaper from the future to show what life will be like under the Democrats. In September 2007, the paper reports, the Democratic majority in the House and the Senate will be busy repealing tax cuts, dismantling the missile defense system, and cutting funding to faith-based programs.

And who will be cheering them on? “Regular Americans” like “Judy Smith-Walker, a New York graphic designer,” “Stefan, a 28-year-old full time student in San Francisco,” and “aspiring Hollywood screenwriter Rex Star.” Note the oh-so-subtle stereotyping at work. Given the level of humor of the whole exercise (Ted Kennedy’s proposed legislation is entitled, “Leave Education For Teachers” or LEFT ACT), I’m surprised the rapier wits of the RNC didn’t just come out and call them Judy Feminazi and Foreign McFagfag.