The New American Image?: All Americans Carry Guns

When musician and activist Michael Franti was in Iraq in 2004, he was the only American without a gun. He brought a wooden guitar instead. Hear Franti on Mother Jones Radio this weekend talking about his film and book I Know I’m Not Alone featuring laughing and singing Iraqis we never see on TV. And even though violence is spinning out of control, he’d go back now. Seriously. He wants all the troops to come home.

Journalist Sidney Blumenthal calls Bush radical in his new book How Bush Rules. It’s a collection of Blumenthal’s columns from The Guardian and Here is what he told us on the radio:

“Bush is not an idiot, he’s very shrewd and clever….he knows even now very little about the dynamics of foreign policy, he doesn’t have an analytical mind… He doesn’t know the degree to which he is manipulated in all sorts of ways by Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld. Cheney who controls a good deal of the information he sees and creates the reality around him. And Condi Rice who’s an enabler and flatterer who tells him what a great man he is constantly.”

Hear more from Blumenthal this weekend on Mother Jones Radio.