Eliot Spitzer, Enigmatic Superstar

Though he’s not yet governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer is already making popular moves. The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle writes that the day after he was elected, Spitzer held a meeting between labor and big business, for a groupthink session on how to revitalize the New York state economy.

As Mother Jones reports, Spitzer has the ability to bring people together because of unique advantages that he had throughout campaign season. He has been considered the next governor of New York for so long, and led his opponent in the polls by so much, that he has never needed to throw his chits in with one side or another on labor issues, or for that matter, on any issues. The result is a rising progressive star who remains a question mark to most.

All of this and more from Mother Jones in a report and photo essay entitled, “Can Eliot Spitzer Stay Progressive?”

Oh, and if you want to work for Spitzer, he’s accepting resumes now via his website.