Person of the Day: Dick “Hogwash” Cheney

DICK “Hogwash” CHENEY, who gave us a great week. In one interview he cried “Hogwash” when it was suggested that the GOP may feel now that his approach is too hardline. He attacked the interviewer for mentioning that Focus on the Family had objected to lesbian couples having children. “I think, quite frankly,” Cheney said, “you’re out of line with that question.” Then, of course, is Cheney’s role in the Scooter Libby trial, which is getting more interesting by the day. Although it has no bearing on the actual charges against Libby, his defense is pointing at Rove and Cheney anyway. And the fun doesn’t stop. Rove is called to testify this week! Stay tuned. (Thanks to Rob for this one.)

Cheney interview article

Impeachment, eh?