Will Terror Alert Hit Red Following Greek Tragedy?

That breaking news about the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Athens? Turns out the only damage was “minor damage to an upper-floor window and a room that gets infrequent use.” The embassy was empty at the time—before 6 a.m. In fact, the Washington Post reports that “[n]o one was in the area of the building at the time.” Except the bombers, that is, who launched their potent missile from just across the street. Color me cynical, but how convenient to have an, err, terrorist attack just as President Bush is calling for more people’s kids to go die in Iraq. The U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Charles P. Ries, is totally on board with the distraction game plan, calling the broken window “a senseless act of violence,” which he promises to treat as “a serious attack.” Supposedly (WaPo reports that Bloomberg reports that Greek officials say), the Greek leftist group Revolutionary Struggle has claimed responsibility. What’s next, war with Greece? Giddy up!