Bush Administration Sees New Climate Change Report, Says, “Whatever”

From the AP, via Yahoo! News:

White House rejects mandatory CO2 caps

Despite a strongly worded global warming report from the world’s top climate scientists, the Bush administration expressed continued opposition Friday to mandatory reductions in heat-trapping “greenhouse” gases.

Sigh. Why expect anything else? By the way, one of the reasons the Bushies have put forward for why we don’t need CO2 caps is that they are already doing enough.

“This administration’s aggressive, yet practical strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is delivering real results,” added Stephen Johnson, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Uh huh. Check out this massive Mother Jones report called “George W. Bush’s Ungreening of America” to know why that’s a load of crock. Also check out the archives at the bottom of our new Environment and Health page for everything you need to know.