Neato Viddys on the Intertubes

With VH1 Classic possibly going away, and Logo’s “NewNowNext” seemingly impossible to catch, there’s almost no good place for music videos on TV these days. So, like in all things, we must turn to the internet. Below are some new clips that make squinting at a tiny window on your work monitor worth the trouble.

Robyn “Konichiwa Bitches” (via Stereogum)
In which the Swedish pop star gets silly (warning: a couple swear words)

MIA “Bird Flu” (via Cliptip)
In which the UK rapper goes back to Sri Lanka and brings back an evil, infectious beat (sorry)

Arcade Fire “Wake Up” (live) (via NME)
In which the Montreal collective perform in the lobby after a show at Porchester Hall, London, and give me goose bumps

Jay-Z “Minority Report” (via Idolator)
In which the New York rapper pays tribute to victims of Hurricane Katrina

Kaiser Chiefs “Ruby” (scroll down and click “watch” next to “Ruby”) (via Yahoo Music UK)
In which the UK combo get a miniature city built around them (plus the ad beforehand is the British version of the Mac/PC ads!)

Lily Allen “Smile” (Gutter remix) (via Pitchfork)
In which random footage of a dance contest gets sync’ed up with a bootleg mix of the UK singer’s reggae-pop hit