Interviews with Iranian Opposition Leaders

During March and April 2007, Mother Jones released interviews with Iranian opposition leaders. The interviews were conducted by journalist Reese Erlich, author of “The Iran Agenda: The Real Story of US Policy and the Middle East Crisis.”


Ebrahim Yazdi: The Freedom Movement of Iran leader speaks about Iran’s nuclear ambitions and why he thinks economic sanctions are helping its hardliners. [AUDIO]


Bashar al-Assad: The Syrian president speaks about the tense relations between United States, Syria, and Iran. [AUDIO] [TRANSCRIPT]


Akbar Ganji: The journalist and author talks about his six years as a political prisoner, Iran’s nuclear program, and the future of the country. [AUDIO] [TRANSCRIPT]


Shirin Ebadi: The Nobel Peace Prize winner talks about her fight for human rights in Iran. [AUDIO] [TRANSCRIPT]

Photos of Ebadi and Ganji by Reese Erlich. Photo of Yazdi by Mansour Nasiri ( Please do not reproduce without permission.