Bush Poisoned by Putin?

bush-Putin.jpgAfter trading insults with Russian president Vladimir Putin in the lead-up to the G8 summit in Germany, Bush had to miss a session and group photo op yesterday after falling ill with what the White House called “some sort of bug.” Was he, like Kremlin critic Alexander Litvinenko and reform-minded Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko, poisoned? Apparently, White House counselor Dan Bartlett also sensed the coincidence, asserting defensively that Bush’s illness was “probably more viral in nature and highly unlikely to be anything related to food or anything he ate.” Question is, does Bush have a taster? ‘Cause homeboy needs one. Putin is a dangerous enemy, and Bush doesn’t have too many friends at home.

(Note to conspiracy theorists—and Mr. Putin: This post is tongue-in-cheek. )