Geek Love — The Long Awaited Follow-up

After 17 years, fans of the cult (and personal) favorite Geek Love by Portland-based author Katherine Dunn are finally getting their wish for a follow-up. Knopf, Dunn’s publisher, will release Dunn’s second novel, The Cut Man in September 2008. Back in 1989 Dunn told The Guardian, “‘The cut man in boxing is the person who stops the bleeding in a boxing match. The new novel is about boxing and serial killers.”

In the meantime, you can get your Dunn fix here, where Dunn is guest blogging for a bit. Be sure to check out the comments section below posts where the host blogger asks her questions about her life and writing. She gets into the nitty gritty of how the writing process works for her.

She is especially interested in the sound of the human voice, writing yesterday, “I keep trying to remind people that the hen scratches are just symbols for the sounds of the human voice. That it’s the sound that communicates. You’ve got to hear this stuff as you read it. It’s gorgeous, this process. Alone in a room you hear the sounds and note them down in silence and they go out to others who read them in silence and hear the sounds again.”

Her first post on the blog is the essay “Just as Fierce,” which was originally published in the Nov/Dec 1994 issue of Mother Jones.

–Martha Pettit