Brodner’s Person of the Day: Pete Domenici

The Conventional Wisdom had it that September would be the beginning of the end of our current role in the Iraq Civil War. Wrong. It is now. Yesterday’s papers and talk shows were so full of it, in and between the lines, that it is almost hard to process. There was a growing sense that the Republican talking points are now being abandoned. Byron York in the Post had a piece on how Bush has lost his base, in part, because of losing the War (I’ve been wondering when someone would say that). The GOP is apparently not happy to smash itself to bits for the egos of two power-mad liars. Pete Domenici is the latest in the Iraq exodus. Soon they’ll need to charter a ride.


What's going to happen next as the headlines grow crazier and more disconcerting by the day. But we do know the job of an independent, unrelenting press is more important than ever—and the ongoing commitment of MoJo readers to fight for a democracy where facts matter and all can participate is absolutely vital.

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