First Listen: Interpol – Our Love To Admire

Total number of animals pictured in the cover booklet’s photographs of nature dioramas: 21

Percentage of those which appear to be male Greater Kudu antelopes: 10%

Rank of Track 1, “Pioneer to the Falls,” a bottomlessly bleak track dominated by an epic and mournful guitar melody, on the List of Best Interpol Songs of All Time According to Me: #4 (behind “Untitled,” “PDA,” and “NYC” from Turn On the Bright Lights, 2002)

Number of days frontman Paul Banks claims he hasn’t slept on Track 8, “Rest My Chemistry,” in what is apparently a reference to a cocaine binge: 2

Amount of time into the 4 minute and 30 second Track 10, “Wrecking Ball,” a TV On the Radio-reminiscent lament, before the band are joined by what sounds like a full orchestra: 3:09

How heard-rendingly sad the Spanish-style guitars that accompany album closer “The Lighthouse” are on a scale where 1 equals Spongebob Squarepants and 100 equals the inevitable death of the universe in a entropy-driven whimper: 99

Average rating out of 100 for the album in reviews compiled so far by Metacritic: 90

Random sampling of adjectives used in the featured reviews: “ominous,” “doomy,” “funereal,” “reverberating,” “devastating,” “terrible,” “brooding,” “magnificent,” “cadaverous”

Number of offices and studios out of which one could hear Our Love to Admire playing after advance copies arrived at our radio station this afternoon: 4

Date on which the general public can purchase and enjoy this brutal, majestic album: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 website where you can stream the entire album: right here