Morning Political Trivia for July 16

Today’s question comes courtesy of The Economist‘s “Democracy in America” blog. They got it from the Politico‘s Roger Simon. It’s a doozy:

Name the eight U.S. presidents with one-syllable last names.

This is a trivia contest, not a research skills test, so no Googling! We compete every morning here at Mother Jones’ DC Bureau. I’ll update this post later today and let you know the results (and the correct answer). Remember, If you have a good question, you can always submit it to I’ll credit you if we use your question (please let us know if you got it from another source).

Submit your answers in the comments section, and good luck!

— Nick Baumann


The eight presidents with one-syllable last names are: Bush 41, Bush 43, Ford, Grant, Hayes, Pierce, Polk, and Taft. Jonathan Stein and Editor Clara Jeffery tied with 5/8, while Bruce Falconer and Dan Schulman had 4/8. Commenter Paul fared significantly better, getting 7/8 on his first shot, with commenter TarGator correcting his only mistake. Thanks for playing…we’ll post another one tomorrow.