NY Times on French Techno: Formidable

mojo-photo-paris.JPGWill Hermes had a pretty good rundown of the Paris electronic music scene in Sunday’s Times, which at the very least makes me feel better for stuffing my Top Ten with Justice, DJ Mehdi and Uffie tunes over the last few months. Check it out for a condensed history of the whole “Justice vs. Simian” remix escapade, and an age comparison of Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangaltier (32) with the members of Justice (27 and 24) that is sure to make you (36) feel very old. While it seems odd to accompany the article with a 14-month-old photograph of Daft Punk’s 2006 Coachella performance, and DJ Medhi’s awesome “Signatune” apparently got spell-checked to “Signature,” it’s still nice to see the Times pick up on the phenomenon. Selected relevant videos after the jump.

DJ Mehdi – “Signatune” (Thomas Bangaltier edit)

Justice vs. Simian – “We Are Your Friends”

Justice vs. Simian – “We Are Your Friends” (live at Coachella 2007)