Tony Snow Probably Wishes He Could Have That One Back

Tony Snow was just asked at a press conference if, in light of the apparent resolution of the Libby case and the Plame affair, the American people are owed an apology from the White House. Snow’s (frustrated and incredibly dismissive) response: “In Washington, things get leaked all the time.”

See the video at AMERICAblog.

So after years of claiming that this was a serious issue and that they would fire anyone who leaked a covert agent’s name or broke a law, the Bush Administration is now writing the whole thing off as business as usual. And the funny thing is that after six and a half years of these guys, it is.

Do you think Snow regrets taking that job? Before he got there, even though he worked for FOX News, he wasn’t a living embodiment of anyone’s lack of respect for the American people and the rule of law. Now he absolutely is.