Chart Beat: Albums

M.I.A.: KalaTwo weeks ago, I predicted M.I.A.’s Kala would debut at #39 on the Billboard albums chart. How did I do? Well, her sophomore effort spent most of the week in the iTunes Top Ten so it’s not surprising I was a little low: Kala landed at #18, ladies and gentlemen, with 29,000 sold the first week. Go, M.I.A.!

Of course, to put it in perspective, Disney’s High School Musical 2 stayed at #1 for a second week, selling, uh, 367,000 copies. Yeah. Moving on, Talib Kweli’s Ear Drum sold 60,000 copies, which is good for #2 this week, and Swizz Beatz’ debut album as a solo artist lands at #7. Unintentionally (?) hilarious San Diego Christian metalcore outfit As I Lay Dying hits #8 with their fourth album, An Ocean Between Us. Well, at least it’s something different.

Rilo Kiley sold out on Under the Blacklight, and that’s good for a #22 debut with 28,000, while New Pornographers stuck to their guns on Challengers and entered the charts at #34, selling 20,000 copies.