“Tepid” Interest for a Rummy Iraq Book

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has been fishing for a deal for a book that would justify the Iraq war. There’s just one problem, the New York Post reports. Publishers aren’t very interested.

IN the latest development in the quest by Donald Rumsfeld to snag a book deal, a well-placed industry source said the former Secretary of Defense has received only tepid interest from a handful of publishers.

As a result, he now plans to make it a full-blown autobiography rather than simply a treatment of his six years in the cabinet. …

Rumsfeld has retained Washington, D.C., attorney Robert Barnett, who snared big book deals for Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Alan Greenspan.

Barnett declined to comment on a Rumsfeld book other than to say, “It’s all very preliminary. Nothing has gone out yet.”

Last week, Reuters reported that Rumsfeld had in fact submitted his resignation to Bush the day before the November 2006 elections that turned both houses of Congress over to the Democrats. One word his resignation letter did not mention? Iraq.