Albums Out Today and a Word From Critics

I know that release dates don’t mean much these days, what with you kids and your intertubes and bittorrents. But today’s a big day for new albums, even if we ignore the 50 Cent/Kanye West/Kenny Chesney showcase showdown. Here’s some of the CDs or MP3 collections you can now legally acquire in the United States (listed in order of my personal priorities) as well as representative excerpts from a couple reviews.

Simian Mobile DiscoSimian Mobile Disco – Attack Decay Sustain Release
“Mercifully brief” – Stylus
“Exciting” – Village Voice

Go! TeamThe Go! Team – Proof of Youth
“Brisk” – Billboard
“Brash” – BBC

Animal CollectiveAnimal Collective – Strawberry Jam
“Utopian” – Pitchfork
“Hallucinatory” – NY Times

WileyWiley – Playtime is Over
“Thrilling” – BBC
“Intricate” – Pitchfork

Film SchoolFilm School – Hideout
“Wonderfully off-kilter” – NME
“Moody” – Spin

Hot Hot HeatHot Hot Heat – Happiness Ltd
“Soaring” – Canadian Press
“Expansive” – Entertainment Weekly