Brodner’s Person of the Day: The New Republican Party

Macho Makeover of the Day

Remember the old Republican party? The “Daddy Party”? Where tough guys like Nixon, McCarthy, Cohn, Reagan, Gingrich, Bush weren’t afraid of anything? They could be as cruel as necessary; grind up a triple-amputee war hero if he got in the way of their political schemes. No prob.

Now we see a whole new Republican style. Just run an anti-Pentagon ad in the paper and watch them go and access their sensitive side. They whine, cry, howl, whinny, yelp, bawl and barf and generally go all to pieces. As if were some kind of threat to the Pentagon, or political slogans using low, vitriolic humor were a new low that could only shock their system. Have a Kleenex on me, fellas. Even if you can’t shed a tear for those caskets you aren’t man enough to look at in the press


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