Tom Vilsack Does Hillary Clinton’s Dirty Work

There’s a delicious lack of self-awareness on display in these comments by former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack (D). He suggests, without bringing up specifics, that there is trouble in Rudy Giuliani’s personal life — the “number of marriages,” the “relationship he has with his children.” And then, in the same breath, Vilsack transitions to Hillary Clinton’s history of familial problems and says, “We ought to be focused not on scandals. We ought to be focused on the direction of this country.”

Let’s talk for just one second about the wisdom of a Clinton aide drudging up someone else’s sordid personal life. This is either a terrible idea, because it reminds everyone that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency we’re going to have years and years of headlines and TV newscasts filled with psychodrama, or it’s a dangerous but marginally okay idea because voters see Hillary as the wronged party in her relationship and don’t assign her blame the way they would to Rudy.

Either way, that doesn’t seem like a particularly strong political play. How about we cool it, Vilsack?

(H/T PrezVid)