Anybody Else Having Trouble Downloading In Rainbows?

RadioheadPerhaps it’s my own fault. I didn’t try and pre-order the album, I just thought I’d head over to this morning and spend, I dunno, £5 on the thing. That’s like 70 bucks at this point, right? However (and I’m assuming it’s because of high demand and not a “denial of service” attack) the site was so desperately slow I wasn’t ever able to get through. And now, heading over there gets you a request for a username and password, which, when you don’t enter them, because what the hell, you get this lovely, personalized message from the band: SSI error: recursion exceeded. Beep! Well, people have been telling me my recursion is looking a little excessive lately. I don’t appear to be the only one having this trouble, either. Hmm. Perhaps reports of the music industry’s death have been greatly exaggerated?