“Bombingham” Pastor Dead at 82

The pastor of Sixteenth Street Baptist in “Bombingham” where the “four little girls” died, has also died.

I haven’t been able to find out what ‘flavor’ Baptist the church was, but I’m betting it wasn’t Southern Baptist, given that it split with the national Baptist convention in 1845 over slavery. The Southern baptists were in favor of it, just so you know.

It wasn’t until 1995 that that the SBs apologized for their racial stance, and their role in supporting slavery, Jim Crow and opposing the civil rights movement. But guess what? Now they’re “planting” black churches all over the place, especially in the south. “I grew up in a very multicultural environment,” [Terence Roberts, one such newly planted black minister in Mississippi] said. “I didn’t go through a lot of things people in the South went through with integration. I didn’t carry all that baggage.”

You wait long enough, you can get away with anything. Where would we be without the blissful ignorance of the young?