Clinton Workers Taken Hostage; Rightwingers Fast To Exploit the Crisis

This afternoon, Hillary Clinton’s Rochester, NH, campaign office was taken hostage by a man claiming to have a bomb duct-taped to his chest. He is demanding to speak to Senator Clinton, who is supposed to speak here in Virginia, but has canceled her appearance. We all hope it is resolved quickly with everyone safe.

It certainly would be tasteless for anyone to exploit this event. But that hasn’t stopped the nutcase commentors at the rightwing Free Republic. Here are some of their responses to this:

– “Oh this should be good………….”

– “Someone trying to get their testicles back?”

– “popcorn…check… coffee….check…”

– “Staged?”

– “I wonder what nutjob they paid to pull this stunt…. like all the people who they get to hang nooses to make people think conservatives are radical haters”

– “Could be a CNN plant…”

– “From the latest Fox poll, she is leading in New Hampshire, so it would be stupid for her to have anything staged at this point. OTOH, I don’t put anything past her.”

– “Pray it’s a Ron Paul supporter.”

And that’s just in the first five minutes of the posting thread. It goes on and on and on.