Huckabee Gets the Falwell Endorsement


According to an email that landed in my email box moments ago, Mike Huckabee just secured the endorsement of Jerry Lamon Falwell, Jr., better known as Jerry Falwell’s son. Falwell Jr. is the chancellor of Liberty University, a post he took over after his father, who founded Liberty U, died earlier this year.

Having Falwell Sr.’s endorsement would have undoubtedly packed a greater punch, even though Falwell’s influence waned before his death due to a number of crazy comments he never lived down. But an endorsement from Lynchburg is signficant nonetheless because it marks Huckabee’s official entry into the top tier. This is the sort of endorsement Huckabee likely couldn’t have gotten a few months ago, or even a few weeks ago.

To wit. Almost exactly two weeks ago, National Right to Life endorsed Fred Thompson, even though Thompson would let the states decide how to handle abortion and Huckabee wants them banned by the Constitution. What was NRL’s explanation for choosing Thompson over Huckabee? “Our endorsement is a testament to Senator Thompson’s long-standing pro-life record, his commitment to unborn children, and our belief in his ability to win.” (Emphasis mine.)

Thus far, Huckabee has only scored endorsements from the likes of Chuck Norris and wrestler Ric Flair. Now he’s playing in the big leagues.