Blackwater’s State Department Contract Renewed?

Since September 16, when its operators were involved in a controversial Baghdad shooting that left 17 Iraqi civilians dead and another 24 wounded, Blackwater’s future has been the subject of debate. Several people involved in the security industry have suggested to me in conversation that the company’s State Department contract—due to expire in May 2008—would be allowed to lapse, leaving Blackwater’s security operators without a client to protect. This would effectively end Blackwater’s involvement in Iraq.

But perhaps rumors of Blackwater’s demise have been premature. According to a listing posted yesterday on the company’s website (and first noticed by R.J. Hillhouse), the company appears have extended it’s State Department contract and is hiring for new Iraq-based security positions.

So, in the event you’re interested, here’s the job posting as it appears on Blackwater’s site:

We are currently accepting candidates for WPPS due to contract expansion.

Primary Purpose: Position Type/Job Duration
Independent Contractor (IC)/ 1 year (90/30 rotation)
Personal Security Specialist (PSS)
Designated Defensive Marksmen (DDM)
EMT-P with tactical experience in the United States Military, Sworn Law Enforcement Officer or private sector protective security industry

Primary Requirement
3 years experience in the United States Military with an honorable discharge, Sworn Law Enforcement Officer or private sector protective security industry
The ideal candidate will pass a physical fitness test and be proficient with the Glock and M4 at the time resume is submitted

Esential Functions: Contract Requirements
Must be willing and able to deploy for 1 year (90/30 rotation)
Must have a solid 3 years of experience in the US Military or Sworn Law Enforcement or private sector protective security industry
Must be a U.S. Citizen, proof of citizenship is required
Weight must be proportionate to height
Must maintain a neat and clean appearance
Must be in good health and pass a physical test
Most positions require ability to obtain/maintain a secret or higher clearance
No history of major illness or mental disorder
Must have an Honorable Discharge and DD-214 (Member 4 copy)
No felony, violent crimes, spouse or child abuse convictions (NO WAIVERS)
No unexplained significant credit problems with-in the past seven (7) years