Twittered Away

The much-hyped social-stalking service Twitter has been a bust when it comes to following candidates. The missives you haven’t been missing:

Obama (5,493 followers)
“In Atlanta: had a great event with Usher and Dominique Wilkins. Fired Up!”

Edwards (3,852 followers)
“Wasn’t Elizabeth great on Larry King last night?”

Thompson (768 followers)
“Going home to Tennessee on Tuesday to see good friends, beautiful hills, and maybe
mamma’s home cooking.”

Paul (351 followers)
“You did it!…We raised over $5 million!”

Biden (91 followers)
“Trying to get Pres. Bush to save troops’ lives in Iraq by deploying more ied-resistant vehicles.”

Dodd (93 followers)
“D-O-D-D. What’s that spell? president!”