CDs Out Today and a Word from Critics

mojo-photo-cds.jpgIt’s Tuesday, and that’s when people like to put out new CDs in the US of A, for whatever reason. Yeah, with the intertubes leaking music all over the place, release dates are less and less relevant, for sure; but say you accidentally stumbled into a record store (or ran inside to get out of the rain)? Here’s what you might find, and what people are saying:

mojo-cover-vampire.jpgVampire Weekend
Mega-hyped New Yorkers play Afro-pop
“Refreshing” – Pitchfork
“Sunny” – Billboard

Vampire Weekend – “Mansard Roof,” official video:

mojo-cover-mars.jpgThe Mars Volta
The Bedlam in Goliath
Long Beach prog/punk/Latin project gets spookier
“Terrifying” – NPR
“Eccentric” – LA Times

The Mars Volta – “Conjugal Burns,” audio only:

mojo-cover-jackson.jpgJoe Jackson
Legendary pianist (and smoking enthusiast) returns
“Gorgeous” – BBC
“Solid” – My Old Kentucky Blog

Joe Jackson “Making of the record Rain“:

mojo-cover-cheb.jpgCheb i Sabbah
(Six Degrees)
San Francisco DJ explores central Asia
“Tripped-out” – LAist
“Compelling” –

Cheb i Sabbah promo video: