The Wearing Of the Orange

This Friday, January 11, is the six-year anniversary of the arrival of the first prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. To observe it, the American Civil Liberties Union is asking everyone to wear orange, and there is a call to close Guantanamo Bay prison now. There will also be rallies and vigils in some U.S. cities, and Amnesty International is staging protests all over the world.

As of December 1, 2007, there were still 305 inmates at the prison, including 20-year-old Omar Khadr, who arrived in Guantanamo Bay when he was 15. The youngest known prisoner to spend time at Guantanamo Bay, however, was 13, and the oldest was 98. Four prisoners are known to have died in custody, and one of those is thought to have been 16 years old when he was detained.

55% of Guantanamo Bay’s prisoners have been officially determined as not having committed any hostile acts toward either the United States or its allies.

The Bush administration has indicated that the prison will remain open throughout Bush’s alleged presidency.