Brodner’s Person of the Day: Abbas and Olmert

Yesterday’s piece in the Washington Post is pretty sobering. Talking of an all-out Mideast war, where one homemade rocket hits Israel, who then moves troops into Gaza. Then Syria, Hezbolla, and Iran start attacking. So here are Abbas and Olmert apparently close to a deal: negotiated peace with a 2-state solution. But the rockets did come in killing 3 Israelis. Israel then, in response, leveled part of Gaza with a one-ton bomb, killing over 100 men, women, and children. Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer reports burning flesh, limbs, fingers lying everywhere. The UN secretary general has denounced the raid as “disproportionate.” Eight years of indifferent, incompetent, and ideological policymaking by the U.S. has contributed to this. Sometimes fingers don’t point, they just stare.

And, P.S., today Ahmadinejad makes his grand entrance into Iraq. Thanking Bush all the way.