Brodner’s Person of the Day: Patrick JB Flynn

Patrick JB Flynn, this year’s winner of the Richard Gangel Award at the Society of Illustrators (to be given March 28 at the SI). This award, for distinguished achievement in design, with special appreciation for illustration and illustrators, has previously been won by Fred Woodward, Steve Heller, and Rita Marshall. Nice company. This award has extra meaning, as I see it. Patrick devoted his career at the Progressive to the idea of advancing illustration as important political commentary. He worked tirelessly to protect artists, giving them more freedom and getting greater results. He was continually helping young artists along and giving established ones the chance to experiment. In fact, his defense of illustration ultimately cost him his job at the magazine. To us he is one of our own. So here’s to you, Patrick. In a time of potential political reawakening, your work reminds us of a standard that you set that we can all still reach for.