Neato Viddies: McLaughlin Groove, Hulu, CSS, Justice

First up, the still-baffling and still-awesome “McLaughlin Groove,” Andrew W.K.’s ode to the rollicking political screamfest, gets a video from Salon’s Scott Bateman. Funny, Andrew looks a lot like Mimi did in his Low video–is Bateman the Cathy Guisewite of money-hemorrhaging web sites?
Andrew W.K. – “McLaughlin Groove”

Next, NME is reporting that a homemade music video to Sao Paulo’s iPod-shilling “Music is My Hot Hot Sex” has become the most-watched clip on YouTube, racking up over 100 million views. Really? Is that more than Obama Girl?
CSS – “Music is My Hot Hot Sex”

After the jump: get fierce, and play name that logo!

Sick of 30 Rock and Simpsons videos being taken down from YouTube? Well now there’s a new place to watch them: Fox and NBC have joined forces to do the, er, “Hulu,” a streaming-media site that features clips from the networks’ shows. It’s actually not so bad, and you can embed stuff, like this amusing Project Runway takeoff from SNL:
SNL – “New Bravo Show Sketch”

Finally, this is just for fun: “DVNO” may be just about the worst track on French duo Justice’s , but they’ve redeemed themselves with the spectacular video, a higher-tech update on the logo-bastardizing theme from George Michael’s “Papa Was a Rolling Stone/Killer” clip. See if you can name them all! I got, like, seven.
Justice – “DVNO”