Spitzer Gets Pimped Out on Nation’s T-Shirts

mojo-photo-spitzershirt.jpgFeeling like the Eliot Spitzer scandal isn’t getting enough attention around the office or your local watering hole? Well, why not remind everyone of the eternal hypocrisy of our nation’s elected officials in that most American of ways: with an amusing, topical t-shirt. Besides, your “Larry Craig Wide Stance” shirt is getting a little tattered.

First up, Busted Tees’ “Client 9” shirt (pictured at left) is already on sale, but won’t ship until March 21st, by which point one assumes there will already be another government sex scandal taking this one’s place and you’ll have to get a whole new t-shirt. It’s so hard to keep up!

After the jump, fun with puns!

mojo-photo-spiztershirts2.jpgCNBC has a slide show of some of the more notable CafePress t-shirts popping up, including, “Spitzer? I hardly knew her!” and “I’m not only the governor, I’m also a client.” Yuk yuk yuk. Plus there’s the enticing “pimp” shirt, which, I should point out, is (as far as we know at this point) somewhat inaccurate.

This CafePress shop claims to have predicted the scandal with its seductive (ahem) “I’d swallow for Spitzer” logo; a site update apparently indicates that it was designed before anybody knew just how much “fun” the governor was. Hmm.

mojo-photo-spitzershirt3.jpgZazzle has a whole line of “Client 9” shirts, as well as some more amusing jokes: “Don’t blame me… I voted for Client 8” is my favorite, but the one suggesting a Spitzer/Kristen ticket in ’08 may be the most, er, head-spinning.

Photos via BustedTees, CNBC, and Zazzle.