Tibet: The Populist Playlist

Rick-Springfield-250x200.jpgAt the “finish line” for the Olympic torch runners at the Embarcadero area of San Francisco today was a live band made up of five white dudes wearing leisure suits and wigs, and performing mostly 80s songs.

As hordes of folks carrying Tibetan national flags, Chinese national flags, “Free Tibet” signs, bullhorns, video cameras, and cellphones surged through the massively barricaded area, the band performed as if it were a homecoming party at a frat house. Here’s a sampling of their set list, what my colleague calls the Populist Playlist for the day:

Prince: “1999”
Smash Mouth: “Allstar”
The Trammps: “Disco Inferno”
House of Pain: “Jump Around”
Prince: “Let’s Go Crazy”
Kool & the Gang: “Get Down on It”
Neil Diamond: “Sweet Caroline”
Rick Springfield: “Jessie’s Girl”
Steve Miller Band: “Space Cowboy”