Another Example of Why You Can’t Trust the Right on Politics of the Left

Yesterday, I made the case that those of us on the left shouldn’t use the arguments of those on the right, even if they ring true, in our own internal debates. An Obama supporter, for example, shouldn’t use a right-wing blogger’s case against Clinton as evidence because the right-wing blogger’s motives are suspect: does she really like Obama, or does she simply want to sow seeds of discord and stir up trouble. She doesn’t have the left’s best interests at heart, after all.

Yesterday, the Obama campaign found an excellent example of my point. Here is the text of a National Right to Life robocall being made to Democrats in Indiana:

“Hello, this is National Right to Life PAC, asking you to vote against Barack Obama in tomorrow’s primary election.

“Barack Obama has said that his first act as President would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would enshrine abortion on demand into federal law and would require tax funding of abortion. This bill would legalize partial birth abortion again.

“Barack Obama even voted against saving the lives of babies who survive late term abortion.

“You can vote in either party’s primary. If you vote in the Democratic primary, please do not vote for Barack Obama.

“Thank you.

“This message not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. NRLPAC, NRLPAC.ORG, 202-626-8805 is responsible for the content of this advertising and paid for this call.”

I shouldn’t have to point out that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both proudly pro-choice and no Democrat (or independent, or Republican) can distinguish between the two candidates on the issue of abortion. Presumably, the National Right to Life recognizes that this protracted Democratic primary fight is helpful for the Republican Party and is inveighing against the Democratic frontrunner. Don’t trust ’em!