Why Clinton Says She’s In

We’re running a long blog post today titled “Is Clinton Staying In To Say, ‘I Told You So’?” None other than Hillary Clinton has taken a stab at answering. Not surprisingly, her answer is no.

In an email to supporters titled “Why I’m In,” Clinton says:

…let me tell you why I’m still running.

I’m in this race for everyone who needs a champion. For the hardworking families who are losing sleep over gas prices and grocery costs and mortgage payments and medical bills — but who never lose that American can-do spirit and optimism.

I’m in this race for the more than 16 million people like you who have supported me — for the people who have put their hearts into winning this race. You never gave up on me, and I’ll never give up on you.

Then there’s a fundraising pitch, then…

I’m also in this race because I have the best chance of beating John McCain in November and putting America on the right track…. I am in this race, and so are you, because we both know the stakes in this election are too high to stay on the sidelines…. Together, you and I are going to make history.

So there you go. I’m not going explain why all of this is an insufficient justification for staying in the race. For that, you’ll have to read any news outlet in America.