Women’s News: Sublime and Heinous

A Chinese cop has taken it on herself to breastfeed as many as nine children either orphaned by the massive quake or whose mothers’ are too traumatized to produce milk.

She has a six month old of her own and, much to her chagrin, has become a national celebrity; China’s “Mother #1”. “I think what I did was normal,” she said. “In a quake zone, many people do things for others. This was a small thing, not worth mentioning.” She’s still nursing two in addition to her own. And elsewhere in chick news?

From Womensnews: “Tanzania’s Missing Girls Rarely Raise a Murmur.” Girls as young as 2 disappear with such frequency, dusk finds frantic mothers desperately shepherding their daughters indoors. Sometimes they’re trafficked but often they’re given to witch doctors as sacrifices (like, Biblically) or payment; or they’re the victims of child marriage.

What a world women face.