New Report Findings on Middle Class Health Insurance

Universal health care might be something even the staunchest Republicans start to consider after this news:

According to a report released this week by The Commonwealth Fund, 25 million Americans were underinsured in 2007—a 60 percent jump since 2003.

And it’s the middle class who’s feeling the pain, again.

What does being underinsured get you?

(And it could be you: The rate of underinsured people among those who make $40,000 to $59,000 hit double digits in 2007.) Benefit limits, higher deductibles, and higher premiums, apparently.

Forget preventative care. Fifty-three percent of the underinsured had to forgo needed medical attention. That means skipping prescriptions, avoiding doctor visits when sick, and passing on further tests.

And you thought food and gas prices were the only problem.

—Brittney Andres