Boots Riley: F Bombs Not Cool in Norfolk

boots-180.jpgAfter dropping some variation of the F word at a live performance in Virginia with Galactic recently, Boots Riley, front man for Oakland’s hip-hop/funk group The Coup, got slapped with abusive language charges from local police.

Riley, who Mother Jones profiled in our November/December 2007 issue, claimed the charges were racially motivated, part of a backlash from a recent Afr’Am Festival in Norfolk, at which gospel and R&B performances allegedly generated noise complaints.

The incident is not the first like it for Boots:

The openly communist, activist/performer has had run-ins with the law in the past.

As any fan knows, his politics are rarely separate from his music. Just prior to the incident, Riley interviewed Mumia Abu-Jamal about social justice and the Supreme Court.

But as Boots, the son of a labor organizer, openly told MoJo, “I’m advocating that people change the world that is around them. And that means direct conflict.”

Here’s a good example of Boots’ dancier side:

And, his more political side, talking about intellectual property: