IvyGate to Facebook Gen: Watch Out

IvyGate, the snickering blog that chronicles the goings-on of all things Ivy League, is keeping a steady eye on your potential gaffes. Don’t take that in an entirely Big Brother-y way—they’re only watching you if you’re at all related to the Ivies (Because that’s where they think America grooms all its leaders.)

Of course, IvyGate is only a fraction of the machine that allows raunchy nights of adolescent debauchery to live on in virtual eternity. Perhaps the real lesson to politicians currently in office is to keep a closer eye on their Generation Facebook kids and relatives.

Remember last year when Rudy Giuliani’s estranged daughter was revealed as an Obama supporter?

Or how about when Jonathan Frist, son of Bill, was caught wearing some homemade beer belt and Confederate-looking garb on his Facebook profile? And who can forget Julia Corker, daughter of Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), dancing in her underwear and making out with another girl—on Facebook.

“The upshot?”—IvyGate editors ask—”America’s standards for personal embarrassment, political scandal and appropriate disclosure are sure to change in the years to come.”

Meaning what, that America will be quicker to forgive the next White House intern sex scandal?

—Joyce Tang