Jesse Jackson, Out Foxed on Obama

Yes, Jesse Jackson went off on Obama. To a reporter. But his worst mistake was talking to Fox News.

After an interview there, Rev. Jackson slipped and said what he actually thought about Obama’s Cosby-esque, ‘blame the black poor’ tour, which is that Obama is “talking down to black people,” for which the good Rev “wants to cut his nuts off.”

( O’Reilly provides the video; Jackson didn’t realize his whispers were being picked up by the still hot mic.)

Oh dear.

He’s been apologizing ever since (and Jackson’s own son felt the need to denounce his dad). But it speaks to a much needed conversation that the black community both needs and wants to have.

We have to get beyond condemning racism, relevant as it is, and deal with our problems pragmatically.

Is Obama going Sister Souljah for white folks’ benefit? Yes, but he’s also stimulating a conversation blacks need to have if we’re to move beyond our myriad problems, whoever’s fault they are at root.

Still, castration? I knew the civil rights bourgeoisie was mad at homey, but I didn’t know they were that mad. Watch your back, Obama.