New Videos: Vampire Weekend, The Carribean, The Streets, Spiritualized

Vampire Weekend – “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”

In which the New York band soundtracks some super-awkward party moments at a fancy pad. Don’t miss the dreamy shot of lead singer Ezra Koenig superimposed over rolling ocean waves. Swoon!

The Carribbean – “The Go from Tactical”

In which the DC quartet’s melancholy tune is illustrated by the cutest little robots you ever did see. It’s like Wall-E without the budget!

After the jump: a very long walk and some rather high jumps.

The Streets – “The Escapist”

In which UK-based Mike Skinner takes his band name seriously, hitting the road for some quality walkathons in a cute pair of pink shorts. Somebody give him a ride!

Spiritualized – “You Lie You Cheat”

In which the UK combo’s noisy triple-time rock number gets accompanied by footage taken with what must have been a very sturdy camera.