Bill Maher’s Top 12 Pals and Punching Bags

Why Bill Maher and Arianna Huffington are “like an old married couple, except instead of having obligatory sex on our birthdays, we blog”—and more great moments in celebrity suction.


Some of Bill Maher’s great moments in celebrity ass kicking—and kissing:

Rush LimbaughAnn Coulter

Pope Benedict: A former “Nazi” who heads a “child-abusing cult”

Richard Dawkins: The atheist scientist’s book “someday will be by the bed at every hotel in America.”

Charlie Sheen: A 9/11 conspiracy, ahem, “scholar” and “a freak”

George Clooney: “Why can’t more people be like him?”

John McCain: “A warrior who’s dumb about war”

Barack Obama: “The Jackie Robinson of politics”

Rush Limbaugh: “Why couldn’t have he croaked from [OxyContin] instead of Heath?”

Ann Coulter: “I like her—I like what she says less and less.”

George W. Bush: “Retard,” son of “a bitch”

Ralph Nader: A “hero” who’s “bringing sexy back”

Heritage Foundation, Project for the New American Century: “You can’t call yourself a think tank if all your ideas are stupid.”

Arianna Huffington: He and the “seductive” salonista are “like an old married couple, except instead of having obligatory sex on our birthdays, we blog.”


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